My Name is Russel. I have been rowing from the past two years. Over these years I have gained extensive knowledge of anything that deals with Rowing.

I have developed this website due to my great devotion to great fitness and most of all rowing.

If you buy any random rowing machine, it may not fit your body and suit your considerations . This may not be useful. There are lots of Rowing machine companies in the market. So which one is good, this question gives lots of headaches.

I started a survey on the internet. Also, I have asked my relative and friends which one will be good enough. Then I tested various machines.
After doing a lot of research and getting that information I have found some best rowing machine under all of your budgets. So, I decided to share my experience, tips, and guide with you all.

This website will help you to find a better machine for you that fits into your budget and more importantly.

I have written lots of review about all the rowing machines that I tested and used for few months on this website. These reviews are from my personal experience after using for few months and my friend’s personal recommendations.

Let me tell you one more thing that I am not apart of any brand or any company. Also, this website is not any promotional website. But you will find affiliate links on my blog. Also, this Affiliate link will not charge you extra. We will get some reward from those affiliate links. It will help us to run this blog smoothly by paying the bill of this website.

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Ther are a wide range of rowing machines over the internet. When it comes to selecting the best, you may find it difficult. Please don’t feel hesitate to message me if you want to share anything with me regarding rowing machine. Let me know if I can help you in any way.